Financial Success Is Around The Corner!

Whether investing directly or through your SMSF, property investments may be a prudent alternative to stocks and other types of investment strategy. At 4You, we specialise in providing advice and strategies specific to your circumstances around property investment for tax minimisation and wealth creation. We can show you how a property will actually affect your day to day cash-flow and how tax depreciation is the key to negative gearing.

Some of the most popular questions we hear and resolve are:

  • Which name to buy the property in?
  • How do I minimise tax?
  • What deductions can I claim?
  • Cash Flow
  • Renovation, GST
  • Should I rent or live in the property?
  • Should I sell or hold? Which property should I sell?
  • Transferring property – what are the tax implications? What about cash flow?
  • How much capital gain tax will I pay?
  • Going Overseas – what are the tax implications?
  • Subdivision, GST & property sales
  • I want to arrange a home loan and finance