Financial Success Is Around The Corner!

Whether investing directly or through your SMSF, property investments may be a prudent alternative to stocks and other types of investment strategy. 4 You Accounting and Taxation specialise in providing advice and strategies specific to your circumstances, around property investment for tax minimisation and wealth creation. We can show you how a property will actually affect your day to day cash-flow and how tax depreciation is the key to negative gearing.

Some of the most popular questions we hear and resolve are:

  • Which name to buy the property in?
  • How do I minimise tax?
  • What deductions can I claim?
  • Cash Flow
  • Renovation, GST
  • Should I rent or live in the property?
  • Should I sell or hold? Which property should I sell?
  • Transferring property – what are the tax implications? What about cash flow?
  • How much capital gain tax will I pay?
  • Going Overseas – what are the tax implications?
  • Subdivision, GST & property sales
  • I want to arrange a home loan and finance